RHi has always recognised the productivity gains inherent in using IT systems to underpin its delivery processes, and has invested in the development of proprietary systems for over 20 years. These systems incorporate RHi specialist knowledge and experience. A major benefit of using RHi services is access to these systems and the wealth of historical industry knowledge which goes with and resides within them.

RHi undertakes an ongoing development programme for its products to take advantage both of improved technologies and the latest business processes.  We retain in-house expertise in systems development and so can respond rapidly to specific project requirements.

Our track record includes working closely with clients to ensure our systems deliver to expectations, and they are backed up with extensive consultancy and support services. We are familiar with other software applications typically used on projects which contain data relevant to our services, such as Finance, ERP and CAD modelling systems. Data exchange utilities developed by RHi allows its systems to share information with such systems to maintain consistency and improve efficiency.