rhi provides a people consultancy which delivers recruitment solutions for our clients, focused on building relationships and collaboration.

Flexible Resourcing

rhi recognises that every business is as unique as the people it employs. However, we understand that clients are focused on reducing cost and improving quality of hires.

Each resourcing model we implement and manage is designed in collaboration with the client, ensuring that we develop a deep understanding of their specific needs and deliver a solution that is a seamless extension of their existing business.

Whether looking for a fully integrated on-site or off-site solution, or a blend of the two, rhi will source, attract, hire and retain the best talent in the industry sector.


  • Support when and where you need it
  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved time to fill
  • Improved quality of hire
  • Comprehensive talent management
  • Strengthened employer brand
  • Greater transparency of cost
  • Clear measures for continuous improvement

Contingent Workforce

rhi offers a full suite of contingent workforce solutions.

Our efficient payroll services allow clients to simplify their sourcing, the recruitment and management of temporary staff (PAYE/PAYG) and independent contractors and consultants.

We have a dedicated contractor care team who is responsible for inductions/on-boarding, HSE and emergency response management. We can also provide ongoing HR support, thereby creating a single point of contact for our contractors.

With sophisticated reporting, streamlined invoicing and online timesheet capabilities, rhi can provide clients with greater transparency on contingent labour and proactively support them to improve engagement and efficiency within their workforce.


  • Significantly reduce your third-party agency spend
  • Reduce risk and complexity from your supply chain
  • Assure legislative compliance and accurate contractor records
  • Provide a stable and consistent service for your contractor population
  • Total transparency of contingent labour hours and costs

How can I quickly access the right skills and experience to resource my project?

Our specialist project resourcing consultants partner with you to identify resources before you need them.   Qualifications, competency checks and references are screened during our recruitment process.

Our key candidate attracting, and sourcing tactics include:

  • Our extensive candidate CRM database and talent pools
  • Consultants professional contacts and networks
  • Advanced Internet searching techniques
  • Various online job board advertising