rhi's benchmarking database of performance metrics is derived

from actual project performance information.

rhi's global experience means that we have access to project data via our in-house software, rhiDATA. rhiDATA provides benchmarking insight and assurance and as a client, you will be informed on value and efficiency relative to similar projects, supported by a range of the most relevant benchmarking metrics.

Our benchmarking process is used to provide clients with both project cost and schedule assurance and can be applied at each stage gate throughout the project life cycle; allowing you to make informed decisions at key stages of your project.

Applicable Benchmarks


Key consideration as part of the benchmarking process comprises:

Like-for-Like Project Comparisons

  • Project Normalisation including the examples below:
    • Location: Labour productivity & Material costs, Transport, Installation
    • Processing Complexity, Capacities, Metallurgy
    • Water depth, Installation method

Escalation & Inflation

  • Escalation: Market-determined, specific to material and/or labour
  • Inflation: Increased price of a basket of goods & services


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