With over 50 years’ experience, rhi has built an extensive knowledge base of data, processes and systems that allows us to develop estimates used to support investment decisions, as well as manage and control projects.

We combine our estimating capabilities with uncertainty and risk analysis to provide a range of solutions for clients’ project evaluations and decision-making.

Our independence of thought and focus on accuracy enables us to add value during reviews and to assure support in every circumstance.


  • Evaluates opportunities
  • Highlights and quantifies risk
  • Increase certainty
  • Provides a known framework for control and decisions


Making choices throughout the decommissioning process can be difficult to steer, however rhi has data available to provide clients with a clearer view of the project’s future.

rhiDEMS is a unique combination of benchmarked data, composite metrics and experience. Our system supports the decision-making process, ‘what ifs’, and risk assessment. This bespoke tool provides situational analysis by demonstrating where, when, how long, the duty holder transfer, and whether NUI mode or phased.

We work closely with clients, using our expertise to build a model from their data. rhiDEMS allows clients to build scenarios and test the potential outcomes of a decommissioning scope. What would normally take a team to process in a week, can now be done at the press of a button.


  • Conventional processing time for data reduced from months to hours
  • Unparalleled benchmark of anonymous data available for clients
  • Significant reduction in risk
  • Flexibility of options due to speed of data processing

How can I more accurately determine the project’s future decommissioning liabilities taking account of changes in legislative, technological and market conditions?

Our decommissioning estimate model and scenario tool, rhiDEMS, covers onshore, offshore, subsea, wells P&A scopes and is continuously updated with latest project actuals costs.  The toolset enables our experienced consultants to prepare decommissioning estimates quickly and to test a variety of scenarios / strategies interactively and jointly with client teams.

Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) estimates can be prepared at project conception and updated routinely to reflect changes in facilities layouts, legislation and market conditions throughout the life cycle ensuring the appropriate provisions are set aside and that OGA requirements are complied with.

How do I achieve cost and schedule certainty?

rhi has extensive experience in facilitating cost and schedule risk analysis (CSRA) workshops with project teams. We use our in-house tools challenging the scope, uncertainty and event risks, which enables our consultants to report back on likely schedules and outturn costs.

Project teams will have confidence that estimates and schedules are robust, reflect the most likely outturn and recommended contingency levels which reflect the prevalent uncertainties and risks.