rhi's project cost information and experienced personnel, supported by market- leading systems and processes, enables us to provide strategic advice and data management for our clients.

We are actively engaged in providing solutions for our clients, specialising in the preparation and evaluation of tender documentation for competitive bidding. Examples include: the re-measure of AFC / as-built drawings, effective cost reporting, monitoring and forecasting throughout the duration of the project; and establishing the validity, negotiating and agreeing the value of variation requests and claims.


  • Supports early decision-making
  • Enhanced cost and schedule assurance
  • Benchmarked cost analysis against comparable projects
  • Mitigation of commercial risks
  • Effective cost control performance


We are market leaders in quantity surveying technology.

Our rhiCOMS™ unit rate contracting estimating and support software is a bill of quantities and schedule of rates system.  This system is supported by the benchmarking utility of rhiDATA.

Over the last 30 years, rhiCOMS has been used in more than 100 fabrication projects and numerous onshore construction projects globally. rhi engages the market with a contract format and reimbursement methods that reduce risk and uncertainty for all parties involved in the process.

Our broad experience ranges from small life extension projects through to asset development programmes. The management of standard models provides access to relevant benchmarking and evaluation data, building clients’ confidence in the outcomes.

Our systems and processes have evolved to reflect our clients’ requirements and the need for innovation and efficiency. These established processes mitigate risk through data-led decision-making and deliver cost efficiencies through the application of our technology.


  • Established system and process reducing schedule risk for tendering
  • Familiarity of the international contracting market with the processes to optimise cost
  • Efficiency through automation reduces cost of services and makes time available to engage with the underlying challenges of project changes and control
  • Access to current and relevant historic data helps to build confidence
  • Firm basis for pricing manages change and reduces uncertainty