With a focus on knowledge-based solutions, rhi develops and supports strategies that will manage risk and deliver value.

We engage with the wider market; from development of strategies, capability profiling, commercial management, through to contract close out. This has enabled rhi to build our experience and provide advice at every stage of a client’s asset life cycle. We help mitigate risk, optimise costs and provide innovative solutions to support clients with their decision-making.


  • Protection of project schedules
  • Mitigation of commercial risks
  • Optimisation of costs
  • Avoidance of disputes
  • Introduction of innovation

Dispute Resolution

We understand the complexity of change and the importance of delivering commercial solutions to resolve and avoid disputes.

rhi’s dispute resolution service seeks to avoid and close out disruptive situations to the benefit of our clients. Our services, supported by our comprehensive systems and global knowledge base, means we can advise clients on cultural and economic challenges with technical, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Through resolution, rhi aims to reduce all commercial risks with the prioritisation of positive and timely outcomes, mitigating risk and the impact of change through our independent analysis and expertise.