California, North America

Project Timeline:




Key Statistic:

CAPEX circa $2.5b

rhi was engaged by the client to provide a range of services for their expansion project, including pre and post contract support, benchmarking services and project service. rhi is continuing to provide services to the client throughout the construction of their new facility.

The facility, which is targeted for commercial completion in 2025, will utilise renewable feedstocks to produce 100% sustainable aviation fuels. The client will construct and own the facilities, including a new hydrogen plant, as well as renewable fuels manufacturing facilities, while also extending the company’s existing Southern California hydrogen pipeline network.

  • Assistance with initial fabrication market capability and capacity analysis.​
  • Pre-contract formation including market engagement, generation of ITT, evaluation of bids to award.​
  • Preparation of Preambles, Schedule of Rates and populating Bills of approximate Quantities from Company Design for the process modules and piperacks work scopes to support the bid process.​
  • Preparation of Bid Check Estimate for the process modules and piperacks work scopes.​
  • Benchmarking Support Services to Project Services and Contracts & Procurement Teams for Contract Award Negotiations.​
  • Supported the commercial bid evaluation process for the process modules and piperacks work scopes.​
  • Supported the Project Services and Contracts & Procurement Teams for Lump Sum Conversion and Contract Award Negotiations.​
  • Post Contract Commercial Management.
Value-added by rhi
  • Use of rhi in-house estimating methodologies and benchmark data.​
  • Efficiency with speed to market to secure fabrication and construction capability.​
  • Firm price module fabrication contracts awarded early in the design process using.

Key Contact

Alex Mackenzie,
project director (US)