Project Timeline:




Key Statistic:

CAPEX circa $1.6B CAD

rhi was engaged by the client to provide estimating and pre and post contract services for their energy complex of which will use advanced Auto-Thermal Reforming (ATR) technology. The facility will also include a hydrogen-fueled power generation plant and liquid hydrogen facility.


Services included:

  • Class 3 ‘check’ estimate preparation.
  • Pre-contract formation including market engagement, generation of ITT, including Preambles, Schedule of Rates and BoAQ.​
  • Preparation of Bid Check Estimate.​
  • Benchmarking Support Services to Project Services and Contracts & Procurement Teams for Contract Award Negotiations.​
  • Supported the commercial bid evaluation process and helped client award to successful contractor.​
  • Post Contract Commercial Management. ​
Value-added by rhi
  • Local market knowledge which supported contracting strategy and structure of commercial exhibits.
  • Efficiency with speed to market to secure fabrication and construction capability.​
  • Accurate and regular quantity modelling updates to establish live project value.

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