Get to know the team: Napoleon Pasion

Napoleon Pasion has been with rhi for over ten years, originally starting his career in the Philippines working as a water resources engineer. Since then, Napoleon has found himself working on projects all over the globe after finding his passion as a Senior Quantity Surveyor.  We reached out to Napoleon to find out more about his experience with rhi and how he ended up in a career as a QS.

Can you tell us about your career with rhi so far?

I began working with rhi in 2012 as a Quantity Surveyor (QS). My first project was with the IOL Aurora Tailing Management Lump Sum conversion project.  Since then, I have worked on several significant projects like Joslyn North Mine Project, Carmon Creek, Liquified Natural Gas Canada (LNGC) and TCO in Kazakhstan. My roles within these projects varied from high level estimates (Class 5) to detailed estimates (Class 1).

The great thing about working with rhi, is there is always something going on. We get involved in smaller projects and large capital projects which gives you the opportunity to continually broaden your experience and skillset. I have worked on small ad hoc work which included benchmarking, escalations, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) validations, project taxation requirements, productivity analysis (site work scaffolding productivity analysis), Ethane Storage Facility, Marine Loading Terminals, Construction and Operation of Geological Disposal Facility (Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility), Wind and solar projects, Golf Course Country Club and multiple LNG Projects (Class 4 to 3).

I have been lucky enough to work with experienced senior leaders from all over the globe which has given me a great breadth of experience and understanding on what it takes to be successful in the project services consultancy world.

What made you become a Quantity Surveyor and what took you in the direction of your career?

Throughout my entire life, I have always had a passion for analyzing numbers and data and Quantity Surveying has been a great fit. I am originally from the Philippines and while I lived there, I worked as a water resources engineer / hydrologist at the Hydro Power Development, which was the largest Hydro Power Developer in the country.

Whilst working there I worked on data collection and processing of rainfall and run-off water data, for hydropower plant generation simulation. This in turn was used to advise management around the suitability of the project and whether it was viable.

Before applying for permanent residency in Canada, I decided to work to Dubai and found work as a Quantity Surveyor. Given the small rainfall in Dubai, there was no option for me to analyse data as I had back in the Philippines and found being a QS was remarkably similar to my prior experience. I immediately fell in love with the work and have developed my skillset through becoming a AACE Certified Cost Professional (CCP), CIQS Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) and Member of RICS (MRICS).

What excites you most about the future of rhi?

rhi have always been innovators in the QS space and we continue to develop and grow as an organisation. We are leading the way in quantity surveying work with unbelievably successful methodology on how we benchmark, project market validation/escalation, and how we have produced class 5 estimates for recent projects in the Lithium and LNG space.

At rhi, we make things happen for the client and we do things that I believe no other QS firm can do. This is through helping the client decide the best course of action for their projects using historical data, experience in diverse projects and the knowledge our team has in processing that data. I consider rhi as an expert in the LNG space with Class 1 to Class 5 estimates.

We have some upcoming projects that I think may in fact be the most interesting projects I have ever worked on, in the Lithium, Blue Hydrogen and LNG sectors.

At rhi we are passionate about our values; Care, Commitment, Courage, and Our behaviours (Listen Up, Lift others up, stand up, team up, speak up, do not give up). What resonates most with you?

All these values are the reason I have stayed with rhi for so long, as we practice what we preach. As an organisation and as employees we really do care for each other (lift others up and team up) within our working life. We need to be committed to delivering to the client’s expectations and do not give up until we exceed them. I have found the courage to do new things, I have moved to the other side of the world and started a new profession and if I did not have the courage to do that, I would never have found my passion.

One thing that I enjoy is when I see my colleagues learn new things from me. I am happy to share what I know and see others continue to develop in their career as a QS.  When I see my team excited to deliver outstanding results to our clients, it really makes me appreciate the importance of teamwork, we are all dedicated to our work, and we love learning new things.

How have you grown professionally since you started working for rhi?

When I first started with rhi, I had just embarked on my career as a QS and had a lot to learn. I felt extremely comfortable in my role however I wanted to progress and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I owe a lot to the experience of my colleagues, who are undoubtedly experts in their fields. Senior leaders such as Craig Taylor, John Mcculloch, David Reed, Bob Ross, and Alexander Mackenzie have all been mentors at various stages throughout my career and have helped me develop my skills as a QS. I have also continued to study and further my education through QS courses and partaking in professional certifications.

I started as quite new to the QS world and since then, I able to mentor and help develop new QS’s in the business.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy spending quality time with my family and traveling with them. We really enjoy hiking, fishing, and camping and we are so lucky to have all of Canada’s stunning landscapes at our doorstep.

What key learnings would like to share with someone looking to further their career?

If you are considering a career in quantity surveying, do not underestimate the importance of this role in a business and for clients.

It is important to enjoy your work because it makes you a better employee, teammate and you bring better outcomes to the client. Never stop learning, take on new projects, listen to your colleagues and learn from their experiences. Put yourself out there and give your best in everything you do.