Get to know the team: Craig Taylor

We caught up with Craig Taylor, our Global Energy Sector Lead, to find out why he enjoys working at rhi and what advice he would give to those looking to further their career.

Tell us about your career journey with rhi?

In 2007, I started my career with the business as a senior consultant in Aberdeen with a focus on estimating roles/jobs both in UK, Africa and Asia. Not long after that, in 2008, I moved to Canada to support the growth of the business, which was known as Rider Hunt International at that time. Whilst there, my role changed again, and I became the vice president of operations in Canada.

Fast forward to 2016, I moved back to the UK and became the regional director of special operations. This role covered a broad range of disciplines whilst continuing to support the Calgary business.

In 2018, my role changed to regional director of Europe, Middle East and Africa and additionally the Americas and then earlier this year I became Global Energy Sector Lead for the business.

What do you enjoy about working at rhi?

I enjoy creating and delivering solutions for our clients, both old and new, whilst maintaining and building relationships with them. I still have the same level of enthusiasm and excitement now as I did when I started my professional career almost 30 years ago and get a massive buzz whenever we win work, no matter the size.

I also like the diversity associated with my role – not only interacting with different people and cultures due to the global nature of our execution model at rhi, but also in terms of work. There is very little repetition, something different every day.

I enjoy speaking to clients about our strong track record of technical delivery in terms of service, supporting their decision making and strategic developments whilst at the same time, helping the team to execute the work.

What excites you about the future of rhi?

Over the last year, I have spent a lot of time in our regional offices in support of rhi’s biggest project to date. It is a UK project, but due to the schedule and work effort required we are chasing the sun by working in multiple locations (London, Aberdeen, Houston, Calgary, Perth, Singapore and Malaysia, South Korea). Our team’s ability to adapt, not only to the current challenges we are all facing globally, but to ensure we can provide round the clock support for our clients has been vital and appreciated.

We have also seen the development of digital solutions that can complement and enhance our technical bespoke software tools that would support us and our clients to be more efficient and agile for the future. For example, if they are looking to diversify into renewable energy, rhi can ensure we are providing the right services, software and advice to support their end goals.

What would be your advice for someone looking to further their career within rhi?

Make sure you work hard and use your initiative. We actively encourage our team to challenge us as senior management and to make sure they get the most out of their career with rhi. I have always found with rhi that if you are performing well and aspire to succeed then you will be recognised for it. However, throughout my career, I have encountered people who saw being ambitious as a negative, but to me, it should always be deemed as a positive.