Get to know the team: Loreta Salcedo

We spoke to Loreta Salcedo, rhi’s Senior Quantity Surveyor for Singapore, to learn about her professional development with the company, the opportunities for our business and her advice for anyone looking to further their career.

Can you tell us more about your career with rhi?

In 2009, I joined our Singapore team and found my role quite challenging.  Our regional director, Mike Moore, has been a mentor for me over the years and taught me rhi's systematic approach, how to be organised and many technical skills to keep growing my career. I have had the chance to recommend job opportunities to my friends and professional network to help build the team that we are today.

From Japan to Australia, I've been able to work overseas on exciting projects. With the travel, there were arrays of opportunities to learn and that makes our work even more challenging and interesting.

Now in my 12th year with rhi, I have progressed to a Senior Consultant whereby I prepare project cost estimates and measures before FID, during pre-tender or post-contract periods. With my current project, I am developing contract documents and cost estimates of an energy field structure planned to be developed in the North Sea.

What excites you most about the future of rhi?

With our parent company Wood Plc, rhi now have even more opportunities to continue to expand our services into diverse sectors.  We can provide agile solutions while delivering our highest standards of service to our clients.

Are there any key learnings from your experience you would like to share?

At the start of every project there must be effective cost control management and robust contracts established.  This is why our services are critical to our clients due to our established reputation and history in the energy industry.

Any advice you have for someone who is looking to further their career?

Always keep learning and focus on upgrading your skills. Focus on delivering only the best in all your endeavors, be innovative, and surely, you will succeed.