Decommissioning Scenario Tool

When your assets are in late life, and approaching decommissioning, you want to know how much it is going to cost. What effect will the choices you make mean to the cost of decommissioning?

We know that making choices on your decommissioning journey be a minefield, but we also know that data is available to give you a much clearer view of the future.

We call it RHi-DEMS, a unique combination of benchmarked data, composite metrics and years of experience of pain, decision making, ‘what ifs’, and risk assessment. The tool can uniquely provide answers to problems you probably haven’t even thought of yet, from where, when, how long, duty holder transfer, NUI mode or phased. We’ve been there and lived through the pain, now all, captured in RHi-DEMS.

All this is now released for the first time as a unique, pain-free scenario tool. We’ll work with you, using our expertise to build a model from your data. It will then allow you to build scenarios and try out ‘what ifs’ in seconds. What might take the whole team a week can now be done at the press of a button. Go from ‘heavy lift’ to ‘piece small’ in seconds. Reduce two or three months of number crunching to an hour.


 To find out more send an email to: mail@rhi-group.com