RHiComs™ unit rate contracting estimating and support software is a computerised Bill of Quantities and Schedule of Rates system.   

It provides:

  • a structured approach to obtain reliable fixed price bids when little design definition is available
  • a fast, efficient and reliable bid evaluation process that can process and capture large amounts of pricing data from bidders in a very short period of time
  • A solid, reliable basis for awarding contracts and managing them commercially throughout their duration
  • a mechanism for managing changes during construction
  • a method for calculating progress payments

Once detailed design information is available the RHiComs™ SAM (Semi automated measure) module can be used to extract quantity data directly from a CAD model or MTO. SAM then correlates the data with the RHiComs™ Schedule of Rates to give detailed priced Bills of Quantities. This provides a particularly rapid method of assessing and agreeing costs for contracts awarded on a unit rate basis for periodically assessing the cost impact of changes to the design as the CAD model evolves.

RHiComs™ has been used to provide the contracting basis on over 60 major oil and gas contracts worldwide.